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Effective Tax Minimisation

Are you leaving too much money on the Taxman’s table?

We know you are!

Did you know there are various ways to reduce your taxes legally?

A study conducted on our new clients’ records has discovered nearly 90% pay more tax than they should.

Talk to us now on effective tax minimization strategies.

Get an audit on your business structures. Are they doing the right job to reduce your tax?

It’s all in the Deductions.

Are you aware of what claims are available? Are you accessing all the small business entity concessions offer to SME’s?

Stop leaving too much money on the Taxman’s table NOW!

Don’t just accept what you are paying. Let Integritas take a second look for you. You will be surprised with what we may find.

Tax Planning

“Do you know how much tax you pay?”
“Do you know how much tax you should pay in the future?”
“Do you know how much tax you can pay with the right planning?”

Why don’t you influence how much tax you pay, and when you should pay?

Tax planning is too late after the year has passed.

Regular tax planning discussion gives you a chance to review where you are at and implement strategies to affect the tax you pay.

We offer a complimentary “Second Look” consultation to review your position and explore how with some strategic and effective tax planning you will pay less.

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