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Why Integritas Property Consultants?

What do you want your property investment picture to look like?

  • We consider our clients as part of our family
  • We work with our clients as though we are working on ourselves
  • Our experience becomes your security
  • We believe the backbone of any substantial professional relationship is based on respect
  • We are authentic, and we would rather not sell for the sake of the sale
  • The real question is; why not……What if I say YES?
  • Why are we right for you and why should you partner with us?

Buying & Managing Investment Property

What does investing in property mean for you?

Investing in property can generate returns for the investor, both rental return and capital growth.

A common key feature when strategically investing in property, apart from wealth creation, is the tax advantages and tax incentives that are only reserved for the property investor.

Let the tenant and the Taxman help you pay off your property successfully.

Investment Portfolios

We operate nationally including all the major capital cities, regional areas and satellite communities where opportunities exist but are yet are often unknown. We work in areas that other companies and investors overlook.

We recognise the potential in any investments without compromising on security and returns.

Integrity. Accountability. Authenticity is Integritas.

 “taking care of business”

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